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Travelcall Blog, 7 August 2023

Step into a world of reimagined luxury travel,

with Belmond and Travelcall

Travelcall is a proud member of Belmond Bellini Club; an invitation-only program reserved for world’s highest-producing travel agencies. From hotels and safari lodges, to trains and boats, Belmond’s superb portfolio includes some of the most iconic names in luxury travel.

Below, we explore Belmond Trains. Uniting rich history and iconic status, their six iconic trains, including the much-celebrated Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (pictured above), will take you on a captivating journey through breathtaking landscapes and cherished destinations.

From traversing the rolling hills of England to savouring fine whiskies in Scotland, or basking in the awe-inspiring wonder of Machu Picchu in Peru, each experience is a symphony of opulence and indulgence.


Eastern & Oriental Express

Three-night journeys through Southeast Asia

Discover the allure of a bygone era on the Eastern & Oriental Express, as it returns to grace Malaysia with opulence and ancient wonders. Enter a world of grand history and spirited adventure. Witness sunsets over royal towns and rice plantations, and indulge in the most enchanting train voyage.

With its signature cream and green exterior, polished wood-panelled corridors, and silken furnishings, this unique luxury train is a travelling memoir that captivates hearts. The Bar Car exudes a jazz-club ambience with lingering music, serving champagne and signature cocktails. Thirty years of history narrate tales of elegance, reminiscent of ancient Indochina, while dining cars Adisorn and Malaya offer exquisite gastronomy amid elm panels and decorative lacquered rosewood. Retreat to the Observation Car, evoking grandeur with its panelled walls and teak floors, under the moonlit sky.

As night falls, join the piano bar for a refreshing nightcap, as notes of the piano fill the air, accompanied by fellow guests' stories of the day's adventures. Arrive in style to vibrant cities and indulge in inspiring excursions through Malaysia's lush mountainscape and verdant jungle. Day and night, relish the most glamorous soirées aboard this luxury train, creating cherished memories for families and travellers alike.


British Pullman

Day journeys through England

Experience timeless travel across the British countryside, where luxury, glamour, and adventure await. Restored to its former glory, step aboard to savour fine-dining British fare and chilled champagne as the picturesque countryside rushes by. From Wes Anderson's iconic designs to the timeless glamour of classic carriages, the style of indulgence is yours to choose.


Royal Scotsman

Two- to Seven-night journeys through Scotland

Discover the soul of Scotland through explorative and enchanting itineraries. Be greeted by the bagpipe's melodic tunes at Waverley Station, then toast with whisky, the liquid sunshine, and embark on this luxurious sleeper train. Witness the mesmerising landscapes from your indulgent cabin as you journey through the wild and wonderful Scottish Highlands.


Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

One-night journeys through Europe

Step aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, an extraordinary world of timeless glamour and history. Delight in gourmet dining experiences within meticulously restored 1920s dining cars, and revel in sparkling toasts at the iconic Bar Car '3674.' With plush cabins featuring elegant marble bathrooms and captivating entertainment, treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime sojourn.

Anticipate stunning dishes from the chefs, who have trained in the finest kitchens, ensuring a gastronomic delight throughout your journey. Stewards will attend to your every whim, whether you crave a coffee in bed or a cocktail as you dress. Waiters and barmen will keep you sated as you journey along the rails, while the lounge car pianist will play your favourite songs on requests until you’re ready to retire.

Why not indulge in a touch of mystery and adventure by reading Agatha Christie's classic "Murder on the Orient Express" during your journey? Immerse yourself in the era's intrigue and let the captivating story add an extra layer of excitement to your legendary train experience.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express promises an extraordinary adventure, where luxury and history intertwine, evoking the essence of a bygone era. Discover the allure of opulence, relish impeccable service, and indulge yourself in unparalleled elegance on this legendary train journey.


Hiram Bingham

Day journeys to Macchu Pichu

For a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, embark on the unforgettable Hiram Bingham journey, tracing history from Cusco through the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu's entrance. Explore the majestic ruins with a guide and savour afternoon tea at Sanctuary Lodge, A Belmond Hotel. The return trip promises a colourful party with live music and a joyful atmosphere.


Andean Explorer

One- or Two-night journeys through Peru

Experience Peru's awe-inspiring beauty on Andean Explorer, South America’s premier luxury sleeper train. Venture from Cusco, the Inca Empire's ancient capital, through the stunning Andes to Lake Titicaca's reflective shores After a day of outdoor pursuits, retreat to the train’s sumptuous Picaflor Spa Car for a luxurious treatment as you glide through the Andean landscapes.


Explore more of Belmond's iconic luxury travel experiences with Travelcall.

To learn more about Belmond’s collection of hotels, safari lodges, trains and boats, or find out how to incorporate Belmond into your next itinerary, contact your Travelcall Advisor.

MELBOURNE 03 9252 3800 | SYDNEY 02 8333 7700 | BRISBANE 07 3368 2113

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